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Fitness and yoga for people over 50:
'It is the perfect combination of effort and relaxation' Strength and fitness training, balance, flexibility and fun: all in one lesson. You can find it at The Bar Rotterdam. The training has been specially developed for people over 50. There is no need to stand on your head during yoga. Then what? You do exercises that are tailored to movements from daily life. You are challenged to push your own boundaries without going beyond them.

The perfect combination of effort and relaxation.
According to the participants, the combination of fitness and yoga is the perfect combination. Loes, who has been participating since the beginning, says: “I wanted to exercise more, but in addition to more strength, I also wanted to become more flexible. I believe you need both, especially as you get older. And this class combines both! Moreover, I would rather not be in a regular gym among twenty-somethings, but I also feel too young for senior gym.”

The perfect combination of effort and relaxation
This is what the lesson looks like. The class at The Bar Rotterdam starts with a 45-minute functional fitness session. What does that mean? You do different exercises in a circuit. You train with your own body weight or with weights. But what is the difference with regular fitness classes? Many exercises are tailored to movements from everyday life. Think of walking around the building while carrying a heavy ball. You make it as challenging as you want, because you decide how heavy the weights you train with are. The trainer checks whether you perform the exercises safely. The second part of the lesson focuses on an accessible form of yoga. So you certainly don't have to put your legs behind your neck! You work on strength, balance and flexibility by holding postures and positions for longer. We also work on consciously relaxing the muscles after intensive training. You will also learn to breathe effectively from the abdomen: something that is also useful during strength training and in everyday life.

More power, better balance and fun
Training together in a group lesson makes you extra motivated. Loes says: “If you train alone, it is easy to stop when you feel yourself getting tired. By training together and because the trainer encourages you, you give just that little bit extra. This is how you discover that you are capable of more than you thought. And by training every week you push that limit a little further.” According to Loes, yoga also fits in well with strength training: “Yoga is more focused on the physical and makes you aware of the muscles you use, so you can then stretch and relax them. I hardly had any muscle pain, even in the beginning. I really think that is because of the yoga with which you end the training.”

Exercise weekly for the best results
The group lesson is every Tuesday afternoon, and that helps to get weekly exercise into your system. Even if you are not committed to a subscription, you are encouraged to come. By the trainers, but also by the group: “The training ends with coffee and tea, which promotes conviviality and group formation. We let each other know if we are unable to attend or are going on holiday. That conviviality also makes the training a lot of fun.” Loes laughs: “It's obviously not a problem if you can't make it sometimes, but you will get hit on the head!”

A unique location and professional trainers
Classes are every Tuesday at 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM at The Bar Rotterdam, opposite the Van Nelle Factory. The location is unique: the high windows provide a lot of natural light. The class is taught by two professional trainers. Do you have an injury or are you still recovering? Also know there she advises.

Want to try a lesson?
A trial lesson is free! Contact us to try for the first time or buy a strip card for €150 for 10 lessons, or pay €18.50 per lesson. Would you like to participate?

(Can also pay in cash / card at The Bar)

Click the link below:

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