Group classes


Our coaches will lead you through an explanation, warm up and workout in our 1 hour group classes. Each class is coached by one of our highly skilled trainers so if you are a total beginner or a seasoned pro, we got you covered to get the most out of each training. 


Our classes consist of a max of 12 people. That way the coach can give each person enough attention and keep a full overview of each class.


Our WODS (Workout Of the Day) consist of Functional Fitness. Our well rounded programme is a mix of Strength, Conditioning, Gymnastics and Weightlifting, and each day the workout will be something different. This way we can keep you challenged and getting fitter and stronger each day, but also working on your weaknesses!


This fun group training is the best way to mix with your fellow gym members – you are all in it together!

5:20 pm

Olympic Weightlifting

Weekly on Mondays we provide an olympic weightlifting class by Coach Auke Muller. 

Olympic weightlifting focusses solely on barbell movements ....