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Personal Training The Bar Gym Rotterdam

Personal training

We have very passionate about our Personal Training and offer a wide range depending on your specific goals. That may be a fitness target you have set for yourself, a skill you really want to learn, a customised programme to assist your gym classes or maybe an event you are training for. 


As well as that, we have extensive knowledge of Injury management and rehabilitation training. If you have a pain that just won’t go away no matter what you do (and you have had it medically checked) this is almost certainly something we can help you with. We have successfully worked with hernia's, torn ligaments, bone breaks as well as various disabilities.


We start by doing a free intake. That way we can learn more about your goals, your past and your current situation. We will never make false promises so if we think you would be better doing or trying something else we will always be honest with how we can help you. 


We are here to make your experience the best it can be, book in for a chat and a free intake and we can check what is the best way achieving your goals.

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