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Future events

At The Bar we love hosting events!


Our next one will be our – "Balance Your Mind and Body: A 4-Week Mindfulness Journey"


Dates - February 12/ 19/ 26, March 12 from 12:30 - 2pm

Price - 30 Euros if you sign up for all 4 (120 Euros) or 35 Euros for a 'Drop In' Session


Discover the power of mindfulness and cultivate resilience and joy with our 4-week course. Post-Covid, maintaining a healthy balance between work and self-care can be challenging. Our mindfulness sessions are designed to give you a chance to learn mindfulness techniques to help reduce stress and calm the mind.


Led by a trained instructor, this 1.5-hour course covers the basics of mindfulness meditation, with a focus on practice, including breath awareness, attention, kindness, and body scan practices. Each session also includes guided meditations, group discussions, and exercises to integrate mindfulness into daily life.


Whether you're a beginner or have prior experience with mindfulness, this course is for you. You can sign up for the full 4-week session or attend any individual class. No prior gym membership or athletic wear is required – just come in comfortable clothing.


Discover the science behind mindfulness and its benefits for physical and mental well-being. Improve focus, decrease stress, and enhance overall well-being with our mindfulness course. Sign up now!

About the Instructor:

Amy Head is a certified mindfulness instructor, who has traveled extensively and taught in the Himalayas. She spent more than two decades working with the Tibetan Community and HH Dalai Lama to preserve and protect Tibetan culture. She has taught mindfulness to teenagers, small children and skeptics. She has designed and led mindfulness based stress reduction/wellness programs for IT companies and non-profits. She gets great joy out of helping others to playfully explore meditation practices.

Get in touch if you want to join!


Email -


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